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Hiya!!! :-)

Welcome to East Bay Mac Menders

You have a Mac, Windows PC or Linux system.

It was working quite well at one point.

And now it’s not.

Something’s gone either mildly or horribly awry and the time has come to fix it or reclassify this once-wonderful (and very expensive) computer as an unwieldy paperweight.

That’s where East Bay Mac Menders comes in.

Simply put, we’ll get out there, get to work, sort things out, recover your data if need be and do everything we can to get your computer back to a nifty pre-disaster status where it was both working well and making your life easier.


Be sure to ask about our “We Know You’re Broke, but Your Computer Doesn’t Have to Be” $30/hr. discount rate for current undergrads (with valid student ID) as well as discounted rates for seniors 65 or over and veterans! 🙂


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Frequently Asked Questions ?

Feel free to call us at (202)-341-9236 or drop us an email at
East Bay Mac Menders is a full-time operation, so just call or drop us an e-mail and we work out a place and time.
Yes. We now currently support all Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems…
We currently accept cash, checks, PayPal, Venmo, and credit and debit cards.

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