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Our Services

Desktop/Laptop Software Support:
– Software installation, optimization and customization.
– Mac OS system upgrades (full range of support from Mac OS 6.0 to macOS Sonoma 14.2.1).
– Microsoft Windows system upgrades (full range of support from Windows 3.11 to Windows 11).
– Linux system upgrades (full range of support across assorted distributions)
– Application and driver updates (as needed).
– Software troubleshooting.
– On and off-site data recovery services.
– On-site, phone, e-mail-based hardware and software support.
– Malware, adware and virus removal.

Data Recovery:
– Full data recovery efforts and services from all hard drive types, including early-generation iPods.

Hardware Upgrade and Repair:
– Memory installation.
– Hard drive installation.
– Hard drive upgrades.
– Processor upgrades.
– Graphic card installation and maintenance.
– Peripheral installation and optimization.
– Internal clock battery installation.
– Solid state drive upgrades and migration.

Network Services:
– Home and LAN network setup and optimization.
– Wireless network setup and optimization.
– DSL installation and setup.
– Cable modem installation and setup.

Specialty Services:
– Data backup and archiving.
– Hardware consultation and procurement.
– Web hosting and development consultation.
– Software instruction, teaching and documentation services.
– Full setup and syncing support between your Mac or PC and assorted Palm, Windows, Blackberry and iOS devices.
– Free tech recycling for old/obsolete equipment.
– Early iPod data recovery.
– Image archiving (photos, negatives, and slides).

Scanning Services:
1 to 500 slides/pictures/negatives: 75 cents each
500 to 1,000 slides/pictures/negatives: 50 cents each
1,000+ slides/pictures/negatives: 35 cents each

Flat diagnostic fee: $60.00

iPod/iPhone/iPad Loading and Configuration Services:
– Able to encode sizable CD collections to your new iPod quickly and efficiently.
– Let East Bay Mac Menders handle the busywork for you at an affordable price.
– CDs and iPod back to you within four days, guaranteed.

iPod and iTunes training also included as part of East Bay Mac Menders’ standard services.

Boot Camp Installation and Setup:
– Mac Menders now offers full set up and configuration of your Intel-based Macintosh with a Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 or 11 partition should you need it.

For more information, call or text 202-341-9236 or e-mail

Services We Offer:
  • Hardware installation
  • Hardware upgrades – RAM, Hard Drives, etc.
  • Boot Camp / Parallels / VMware Fusion Setup on Intel Macs
  • Data recovery services (depending on severity)

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